Saturday, June 14, 2014

Ready for reintegration

Sometimes I do think I had be in prison for awhile, the Colitis prison. IBD does limit me to a lot of things I used to take for granted as you might have read in my previous posts.

So now, I am ready to be reintegrated back into Society, the society of health.

I learned from LTYG about the colonic massage, one of the many very useful tips Jini mentions in her books. I used it for awhile, at first it was very effective in removing gas, gas can be more painful then trapped stool, but later I found that I was applying pressure harder and harder without the same initial effect I was looking for. Then I started to learn about tapping ( EFT) and I thought I would try to apply the same tapping technique on my belly. This technique is similar to an exam my naturopath performed on me - abdominal percussion. I found the repeating action of tapping creates vibration in my body that mimics the natural muscle contraction of a healthy colon.

Through my research, I learned inversion poses in yoga has been used by many with IBS or IBD for relief. I tried the legs up against the wall pose but couldn't get comfortable in it. Then I moved onto Bridge pose and found it more helpful in releasing trapped gas and help moving things along. Finally, I discovered the Plow pose or Shoulder stand being the most effective poses for my body to get comfort from gas pain. As part of my reintegration into the society of health, I decided to learn how to take this one on the road or wherever I may be. I now do Plow or shoulder stand at people's houses, at parks on the grass and I have even packed a yoga mat in the van and thought about folding the back seats down in case I need to do it literally on the road.

Researching and being prepared has always been my biggest coping tool in difficult situations. Fumbling towards what best works for my body is the best reward for all the hard work I have put into my health.

Learning and healing is my moto.

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