Monday, April 10, 2017

Review - Fat Fueled Program by Leanne Vogel

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I believe every few months we should re-evaluate our lifestyle to see how things are working out.  After 10 months of keto focus, I am ready to revisit my original intention for how this eating style benefited my health. I am so happy to find the tipping point to remission with Ulcerative Colitis from nutritional ketosis, but now, I am facing some uncertainties with hormonal imbalances I would like to address.

Generally speaking, my overall well being has really improved. I have a copious amount of steady energy and my emotions have been more lifted, the only issue I had was my weight continues to creep up. This could be due to seasonal influences, the lack of Vitamin D from sunshine and less outdoor activities seem to be the logical culprit for weight gain during the winter months for most people. Instead of getting frustrated and losing faith in my current routine, I choose to focus on how the improvement instead of thinking I am not doing enough. While reminding myself that life could definitely be worst, I turn to a positive outlook to help me stay on track in exploring what to do next. 

Fat Fueled Program

Through my research in a Ketogenic lifestyle, I came across a fellow Canadiana Holistic Nutritionist,  Leanne Vogel's programs and have learned a lot from her in designing a ketogenic eating style that works for me. I am currently working through her Fat Fueled Program and found it to be comprehensive and easy to read. This book captures Leanne's fun energetic personality and yet it offers a comforting voice. It makes me feel understood because she is on my side. The program has helped me re-establish my relationship with food by decreasing the stress and restriction mentality.  The program supports my ongoing self love practice and helps me feel empowered in overcoming limiting beliefs with food.  During my Ulcerative Colitis flares, there was a lot of scarcity mentality from relying on bowel rest to give my gut a break. With this program, I am slowly addressing these emotions and resetting my outlook towards positivity. The reality of remission is still new to me, but for those who are struggling, it CAN happen.  It feels great to lose both my physical and mental hunger while gaining a sense of satisfaction.

Who is this program for?

This program is perfect for both beginners or novices who are interested in healing their bodies through a ketogenic approach, whole food eating, and holistic lifestyle. Besides the 411 for Ketogenic eating style,  this program also offers many tools and tips to troubleshoot an existing implementation. Coming from a Paleo Autoimmune Protocol, I was at first skeptical about what I can gain from this program. Yes, that was my ego talking, but after giving it a try, I glad I found what I needed to seamlessly incorporate keto into my AIP eating style. 

In this program, the meal plan is to make your transition easier. Following the delicious recipes will give you a variety of exciting meals that will satisfy both your taste buds and your belly. 

For those who has special allergies, intolerance or restrictions, like me, there is a section dedicated to how you can modify your meals with the recipes included in the book. I am honestly surprised how well this section worked.   This method of handling restrictions seems to be the most effective way to be as inclusive as possible without dividing the book into millions of sections.

I love the "Cooking with" guides. The fun infographics take the intimidation out of trying new things in the kitchen and can even turn the most beginning non-cooks into confident, dare I say, chefs?

What can you expect from this program? 

There are 19 chapters 300 pages including meal plans, recipes that will help you find your way through the Ketogenic approach to eating.  This program is packed with comprehensive information to guide anyone to better health. Just bring your own determination!

What I got most out of this program

I have to admit that most of the information in the program already align with my practice. Thankfully I am not starting from the Standard American Diet, I have come a long way baby! What I appreciate most from the program was how to tweak the amount of carbs to include in my meals in supporting my hormones. I now practice once a week Carb up ( explained in Chapter 11)  at dinner which seemed to have made my hormones happy. 

Here is a list of tools and chapters in the program that I found most useful for my journey:

  • Free Writing helps me clear my mind clutter so I can better focus in what I need to accomplish.  
  • Plate layout helps me visually see how my plate should look instead of measuring with a scale. It's not my thing!
  • Chapter 13: WEIGHT & PLATEAUS

Now I am armed with what I need to easily incorporate the Ketogenic approach into my healing protocol. If you are trying to find some help in the areas I mentioned above, Check out Leanne Vogel's Fat Fueled Program with the button below. For her audiobook version of the program click HERE

Also I am super excited about attending Leanne's book tour to celebrate the launch of her new paperback book, The Keto Diet: The Complete Guide to a High-Fat Diet.
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