Sunday, June 29, 2014

Cooking with your juicer

When I starting juicing, I felt the instant energy from the nutrients entering my body. My irritated gut was also a better without the extra fiber, which is always recommended for optimal health and digestion to the norm, but for someone with IBD and digestive issues, it isn't always the case. I started keeping the pulp and freezing it ( depending what I was juicing ) to add to my dog food, he likes beets and carrots. Sometime I will juice some sweet potato in the end and add the juice and pulp to his freezer pack veggies. Then one day, I thought about what else I could do with all this pulp? It was around the time I bought the waffle maker so I experimented with making a waffle with the pulp. I used this Carrot cake Waffles recipe  and substituted the 1 c of shredded cakes with my pulp. It turned out very heavy and a bit more savory than sweet, but it was a good alternative to bread or muffin. I freeze the waffles for quick snack or on the go food. 

The next experiment I did was meatballs, this turned out better because the fruit actually made the meatballs taste really good. I think the sugars in the fruits also help caramelize them naturally. I have always liked the idea of added chopped veggies into my meatballs to make them more moist, and it become a complete meal or snack for the kids. My kids do eat veggies with no problems, but this is just easy and simple to get it all into one bite.

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