Sunday, June 15, 2014

Bentonite Clay in and out

I have been enjoying my probiotic cleanse with success but the die offs are appearing here and there. So I looked online to see what I can do to help this detoxing process. I started taking Bentonite Clay by Innovite 1 tbsp on an empty stomach first thing in the morning this week.

Last night, I tried a detox bath with the clay ( a powder version I got from a soap making store )  in it and was amazed with the effect. I was relaxed and the water felt silky. I thought I would be turned off by the smell of ACV in my bath, but the lavender made the experience very delightful. Afterwards I was very very relaxed but not exhausted. I was actually a bit overwhelmed by how good I felt. With UC, feeling really good and relaxed doesn't happen very often. However, later that night I did have some gut disturbance and was up a few times.

The next morning, I noticed an unexpected effect on the rash I have had for a few days from sun or heat exposure, they seemed to have sealed up and calmed right down. My skin throughout the entire body was a lot smoother than before. I am not completely sure whether it is the bentonite clay or the ACV that healed the rash but I am leaning towards the clay.

Through my healing journey, I have learned to be more patient and not see symptoms immediately as a bad reactions.  I came to the conclusion that my body continued to detox through the night after the bath hence interrupted my sleep. By the afternoon, I was feeling pretty good. That's when I had better faith about this detox bath being a good thing for my body. Tonight I took another bath again, this time it was earlier and on an empty stomach. I was in it for an hour and almost fell asleep. I did not have any ill symptoms tonight other than a bit thirsty so I believe I was right about the detoxing process. There are a few recipes out there, this is the one I used.

2 cups Epsom Salt
2 tbsp Bragg ACV
2 tbsp Bentonite Clay ( powder) I bought it here 

10 drops lavendar oil

I will continue this detox bath this week and see how it affects my overall well being. I want to look into Feet soak for times when I can't commit to the longer bath time. I find it interesting that the bottom of the feet is such a good absorption point for applying essential oils. I discovered that when I was applying Vicks to my kids feet to stop night coughing when they had a cold. I found this link that talks about why it is.

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