Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Kombucha - the concentrate method

Look at my two Saudi prince kombuchas. I borrowed The Art of Fermentation from the library and am impressed with how thorough and detail the book is. I will be adding this book to my library as a great source of reference. This batch, I tried Sandor's method of brewing a tea concentrate first and add cooler water to speed up the cooling process. I normally boil 12 cups of water, add 5 tbsp tea and 1 cup of sugar and let it sit until completely cool. This waiting to cool time takes at least 10 hours which means the tea steeps for that long increasing the amount of caffeine in the kombucha. Since my children has recently started drink my brew, I thought I would try the concentrate method to lessen the caffeine. This brew, I let 8 cups of boiled water with a cup of sugar cool, then brew the tea ( same amount ) in 2 cups of boiling water for about an hour, then I strain out the tea leaves and mix it with the almost completely cooled sugar water. The cooling process is a lot faster. I am also using 2 larger jars and covered them with thin cloth napkins instead of cheese cloth. I found a couple of fruit flies in the last batch so the hole in the cheese cloth must have gotten too loose. Let's see how this concentrate method compares with my old way.

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