Saturday, May 31, 2014

Happy Anniversary Ulcerative Colitis?

Today marks the one year anniversary of being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. Nothing to celebrate about the disease but there are lots to about how it has forced me to learn and grow.

A year ago, I was confused, scared and lost. I knew something was wrong with my body but was doubted by my GP that it was a only viral bug. After I pushed the system a bit more, I got a thorough diagnostic of mild to moderate Ulcerative Colitis, I was told that I had no choice but to take meds for the rest of my life. I was unsure whether my body would heal despite some very encouraging words from amazingly supportive friends. My family was worried and felt hopeless. Some of them wish I would take the medication and just continue living a "normal" life. Unfortunately, it wasn't that easy.

A year later, I am so proud of my progress. I am managing my symptoms well, currently without conventional meds, but with lots of supplements, herbs and other holistic techniques. Through my health condition, I have gained more confidence and empowerment about who I am. I have tapped into the healer in me and explored it like I have never before.

As I sit and recount, I have gained so much knowledge about my body, about nutrition options I have never considered. Grain free? How can anyone survive without it? What, all that fat in the diet? And what is this fermenting vegetables thing? Isn't it just for little old European women only? Yes, I am living all the above mentioned plus some more and am loving it. I have also connected with hundreds, possible thousands of people of like mind about holistic healing through face to face meeting, social media support groups and my own social media outlet.

Here, I have broken down the facets of my healing as follows; through food - Paleo, Whole30, SCD, GAPS, emotional healing techniques - EFT, Reiki. yoga. meditation, healing on a cellular level - Tissue Salts, Bach Flower, healing through my children and healing through connecting to nature.

The biggest lessons for healing is patience and faith. As I recently commented on a FB group member, "Being Patience will help you heal faster" 

Back tracking to my toughest flare during this year, in January I had a flu triggered flare that forced me to only clear liquids for 5 days. I lost an alarming amount of weight way very fast so I decide to add rice back to bulk up. My weight is stable now and I have realized that grains still cause inflammation in my gut - gluten free or not. So off with grains again! I have dove head first into the world of fermentation in the past few months and consuming all kinds of fermented food and drinks ( including dairy)  to balance my gut flora and happy to report they are doing wonders to my body. I just received my water kefir grains from a generous donor in a culture sharing group today and am excited to prep for another W30 June 1 with a few others on AIP Paleo Canada group and Post W30 group. It will be interesting to see how this round goes with what I have learned half a year and incooperate SCD, GAPS, AIP, fermented foods and drinks. I am still undecided whether or not to tailor my W30 by including Milk Kefir as I feel it has the most beneficial strains of probiotics to guide my healing. I will continue with my fermented veggies, kombucha and try my Water Kefir when it is ready.

If only a sauerkraut banana smoothie would taste good.

Thank you to all who have supported me through my journey.

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