Friday, May 2, 2014

Awesome day - Paleo Bellingham

Why was today so awesome even with quite a few UC symptoms to challenge  me? It was sunny and hot. I found Paleo eats in Bellingham and I taught my son how to tie his shoe laces.

The day started off with uncertainty, I had a semi rough night with sleep interruptions from UC discomfort. I woke up early and managed to bike my son to school. I only had my absorb plus shake for breakfast because I hope to have a calm gut for our day trip to Bellingham. I took my morning supplements and armed myself with tissue salts every hours to keep the inflammation down.

Before we left, I quickly did a search for new places I can eat at. I normally look for gluten free friendly options but this morning I enter "Paleo Bellingham". I think I had search for those key works before but had no luck. Today, something came up "Two Fifty Flora - 1015 Railroad, Bellingham, Washington". I was excited but wanted to keep my hopes from climbing too high to avoid disappointments. I often let my optimism run amok and envision a perfect spot where I can eat their food, my husband will also enjoy other options on the menu and have my child somewhat contained in safe area where I can relax and enjoy... Really, the key words are RELAX and ENJOY. Something I took for granted before I got sick. 

There was ample street parking when we arrived, nestled inside the beautiful modern architecture of the Whatcom Museum was a cozy TwoFiftyFlora. (NOW CLOSED). The decor was minimal modern, but not cold. Perhaps the concrete and glass interior was warmed up by the friendliness of the staff. I was served by Arlena, who later I found is the owner and creator of this conceptual eatery. She was having a little problem with the slow city wi-fi for the credit card payments but I didn't mind the wait. I was filled with optimism about a menu that offers a Paleo option on it. ( Perfect spot point no. 1) We ordered the Omnivore Tartine plate for my husband and the Paleo version for myself, I know our 3 1/2 yo will just taste test both our meals. I also eyed the good size desserts on the counter. I asked if they were gluten free and she replied " Yes, today they are all gluten free, sometimes we have a Paleo one". Wow, as I repeated what she said to make sure I heard her right. We sat out in the courtyard that has a giant rock ( perfect for my little climber ) and waited for our food to arrived. The courtyard was airy but enclosed. ( Perfect spot point No. 2). My little climber made good use of the rock and even rolled around on the concrete pavers. My excitement starts to take on a more relaxing tone. Our food arrived in metal trays lined with parchment paper, clean and simple. My Paleo Tartine was the Moroccan Lamb with  Peruvian Pork and Quinoa soup. Yes I recently confirmed with my Post Paleo FB group that Quinoa is a seed. The pork in my soup was tender and the lamb was flavourful. My husband's meal was the Omnivore with the Rachel and House made Pastrami with the Spring Pea and Ham soup. Both our meals came with delicately sliced green apes, a generous serving of fresh arugula salad in an apple vinaigretteMy Paleo meal was marked with a few almonds in a small ramekin dish, that was almost my clue that it was the Paleo one. My little guy went back and forth between our meals and asked at the end where the soup went, " in our bellies" I replied.

By then I was fully enjoying my moment there and feeling very relaxed ( Perfect spot final point ). We finished off our lunch with a GF chocolate chip cookie and a Pecan Sandy. Oh the Sandy was to die for, reminded me of Mexican Wedding cakes that I love.

Before we left, I had a chance to chat with Arlena and commended her for her efforts and ingenuity and asked to continue doing it.

Their menu was reasonably priced, our Tartine plates were $11 each the cookies were $3 each.

The drive back home was smooth with no gut issues for me. I was enjoying my meal so much that I was almost anticipating that I was eating things that will make me sick later but I didn't care if it would. But it didn't.

My awesome day ended with finally teaching my older son how to tie his shoe laces. His visual alignment challenges made this fine motor skill an obstacle for a long time. So it was definitely a big accomplishment to made the day super awesome.

So if you are ever in Bellingham WA, make your way to 1015 Railroad Street and enjoy one of TwoFiftyFlora's Omnivore, Vegan or Paleo special.

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