Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Coconut milk, aloe Vera juice, blueberries gummies

 1 tbsp Manuka Honey,  1 can Coconut milk,  1/4 c Aloe Vera Juice,  3 tbsp Grass Fed Gelatin
Lightly grease vessel with coconut oil, pour mixture in and let set in fridge until firm
I added frozen blueberries and they floated to the top 

Here is my lazy easy way to add some yummy good fat in my day. Lots of people make fat bombs with coconut oil, I have yet has the opportunity to do so but here is what I make when I want something sweet and filling as a mid day snack or evening dessert.


Put gelatin and coconut milk in a pan, heat on low until gelatin is completely dissolved. Turn off heat, stir in honey and aloe vera juice. Frozen blueberries optional. I find the aloe vera juice cuts the sometimes heaviness of the coconut milk, but you can omit for a firmer gummy or add water or coconut water instead. The clear liquid will form a separate layer.

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