Sunday, November 30, 2014

Eat to Live


It was the night before I was to meet my visiting cousin for lunch. I haven't been feeling the best in the gut and have just started a new ( stronger ) dose of homeopathic remedy so I was nervous about where I could eat out. My cousin is also on a gluten free diet now too so I searched a bit harder to find a safe and enjoyable place to meet. I didn't feel like driving out to Vancouver to find a place where I could possibly indulge in a gluten free menu that is possibly filled with corn, soy, dairy and eggs, let alone Paleo options. I decided to type in "Paleo restaurant Vancouver" again, to see if something new will pop up.

The Living Cafe popped up, oh and it in Steveston. Bonus!

I liked their moto "Eat to Live". I reviewed their menu online and was wishful this could be a new addition to the far and few places where I can eat out.

I remember this location was a RAW food cafe before and it didn't look very busy, so I never bothered to try it. However I didn't know it had changed into a gluten and peanut free/ vegan and paleo option restaurant a year ago.

Herbivore Hash
Gluten free Quinoa Chocolate chip cookie for little man
Egg Free, refined sugar free chocolate chip cookie for me

As always, I asked the server what kinds of gluten free flour they use in their bakings and she smiled and said she could bring me the ingredient list. To my surprise she brought a thin binder filled with listings of every ingredient in all their baked goods. I was a little overwhelmed but impressed with how detailed they were. Later I learned the owner/ chef, Amanda Kroetsch is a celiac. I admire and applaud her dedication to open up a business that caters to an audience that has to be one notch above healthy eating, some of us are healing our bodies with food. The reason why any restaurant that caters to restrictive diet seems to be niche is because most people with special diets have limited choices and usually have to cook and eat at home. We have to plan ahead all the time or suffer the consequences of off limit poor food choices. Depending on the level of food sensitivity one has, it can be have a serious affect on someone. We cannot pop in anyway to grab a quick snack.  Until now, maybe some of us can take advantage of the curb side delivery service The Living Cafe provides or head on upstair for sit down.

What is so different about The Living Cafe is even though the chef is a celiac and her focus could be mainly on gluten free food, Amanda also offers many Vegan ( which means no egg or dairy ) and Paleo options on their menu.

In their retail section, you can find gluten free baguettes, breads and bone broth to take home.

Being on the AIP ( Autoimmune Protocol)  low FODMAP eating plan, I still have to ask and read up on the ingredients.  At The Living Cafe, the time and care they have taken to list all their ingredients for their customers have taken the anxiety out of the equation for me.  There are seeds used in some of the baked goods, but having the knowledge of the ingredients list helps me make proper food choices.

I look forward to making this one of my safe and relaxing eating out place. 

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