Thursday, January 1, 2015

Moving Forward - Heal me through my feet update

Happy New Year everyone! I am really excited that 2015 is here and thought it would be fitting to report about my feet retraining progress. Get it, moving forward! This is also an update to my post in September " Heal me through my feet"

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This past summer, I reconnected with an old friend who had quit her desk job and become a Restorative Exercise Specialist Our catching up conversations brought us to sharing our healing journey, me on my gut and hers on her alignment. I was inspired by her to go more bare feet and attempt to rebuild my fallen arches.  I had watch my body go through so much amazing healing that I want to give my feet a go. After all, I am physically lighter and my feet are much stronger from my dedicated yoga practice. I bought myself a pair of Five Finger running shoes to walk around in, they feel like I practicing yoga all the time. Another thought is since I spend so much time standing in the kitchen, I thought I would do my arch retraining there too. Here is a photo of my feet lined up along the tile lines for alignment. Apparently, you are supposed to line up the outside of your feet to be parallel instead of the inside.

Always on my feet while cooking, might as well strengthen those little muscles to better support my body

I brought up the idea up to my chiropractor and his vague responds was " it's possible but not probably"

The other day, I stepped out my shower onto the wooden stool, mainly used to help the little ones climbing in and out of the tub, and noticed the shape of my foot print were narrower. There were less print around the middle of the feet where the arches are, which means... I am regaining some arches.

I am pleasantly surprised to rediscover my long lost arches and wanted to thank my friend for the knowledge and encouragement.

Here is my friend's link that explains more about who to strengthen those feet and better your alignment.


  1. Members of the medical community have frequently learned alignment that is based on studies of the general population - these studies show that everyone has turnout, and so it's been accepted as normal and natural. However, mechanically-speaking, our gait and our joints work best if feet are straight. So it seems most likely that cultural influences such as ballet have led to turn-out being so common among North Americans that literally all of us are damaging ourselves by doing this while thinking it's perfectly normal. Crazy.

  2. It is interesting that the alignment of your feet would have so much to do with your physical health. It is great that your friend is a restorative exercise specialist. I took a yoga class last year, but it was so basic we only touched on a few of the realignment exercises and poses you can do to improve your alignement. What are some of your favorite yoga poses to do, to realign your feet? podiatrist

    1. It is pretty amazing how our bodies can heal and reset to a more natural state when it is supported by the right environment. My favorite yoga sequence for my feet is When I am off the mat, I try to constantly strengthen my standing feet with a version of mountain pose. Keeping my feet parallel has helped my alignment the most.


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