Sunday, December 17, 2017

2017 Reflection - my IBD journey

Photo by Takemaru Hirai on Unsplash

It's a dreary Sunday today, and I'm housebound with a sick teen, luckily, the little guy is still unaffected. So it's been a bone broth, garlic and essential oils, kind of day. I was getting a bit antsy but thought it'd be a good opportunity to chill and do some housekeeping on my computer. I started sorting through my overstuffed mailbox, and deleted a whole bunch of emails, actually about 2000 of them, you know how it is... when I came across one I wrote to my cousin back in January 2014. It was a bit hard to read and to believe where I was at only three years ago. Never would I imagine I'd be in remission with my Ulcerative Colitis as I am now. I'm sharing this with you because some of you might be at the same spot, a low in your journey, trying to make sense of what's going on with your body. If you're desperately seeking for answers and directions to regain health, try to set your fears aside, tuck away the uncertain thoughts and push the frustration away.  If you're on a rocky path in your healing, I hope this short little post will offer some hope and encouragement. The mind is powerful, the knowledge is out there, the community is growing stronger.  Let's focus on a brighter year, together,  where there'll be progress and new ideas. Let's manifest a 2018 that is filled with joy, abundance and health.  I'm excited to welcome great things to come with you. 

Wishing you the best year to come!

With gratitude


Excerpt from an email to my cousin on January 2014

"Sorry my visit was so brief and awkward. That 40 min nap was exactly what I needed and I couldn't chase the little one around anymore. I had help come for 2 days when all I could do was sleep 18 hrs a day. I 'm feeling better but just pushed myself too much today. It pains me to let auntie see me in this state but I just needed the help with the little one while big brother was at tutor. The progress is ever so slow but I'm hopeful. 

Went to see my GP yesterday and he offered no help. I just have to do my own research. "
 I did get a book from the library that has promising information about my condition. It's called Listen to Your Gut. It's actually by a woman who lives in Vancouver. She's living proof there're other ways to heal the condition other than drugs and surgery. 
My boys are pretty awesome. Big brother, being the older one, is always forced to grow up faster. I explained to him yesterday about how I really need his help with my health condition. It's not just earning points to buy toys, it's real life taking care of the family. He's really shown more maturity and understanding. The little one is still young, he has always been very independent but head strong. He is at the extremely inquisitive and boundaries testing age,  but he's so sweet. He kept bringing me the green oil saying it'll make me strong.

I look in the mirror and can hardly recognize myself sometimes. The upside is I can model more clothes from the store. LOL.

Auntie and Uncle will always worry.  I tried to hide my face under my jacket and scarf, but my weight loss is pretty obvious. At least I'm slowly consuming more day by day. 
Hope to catch up with you in better spirit next time."

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