Monday, February 27, 2017

Where am I going?

Did you see the post on my facebook page about finding your inner child?  Well,  that post really triggered a domino effect and inspired me to set some new focus in my way of sharing.  I have decided this is the year where I will be branching outside of my comfort zone to share my wellness journey in fresh and exciting ways.  I will be exploring beyond healing foods and talking about other aspects that contributed to my wellness like adding keto focus into my Paleo Autoimmune Protocol approach, embracing self love and living a chemical free lifestyle.  I hope you will continue on this expedition with me.

Adding keto to AIP/ Paleo 

Since taking the ketogenic approach last May,  I have been feeling a bit lost in where I fit into the world of healing protocols.  Feeling confused at times,  I wished I could draw a simple roadmap of how I arrived at remission with the least detour possible.  But the truth of the matter is we are all unique and cannot follow someone else's map because there is no ONE way to healing our bodies. With the rigid mentality kicked to the curb,  I am ready to take as many turns necessary to travel my path and enjoy the scenery.

Self love

Along the way,   I have lost sight of that inner child within, the carefree little girl who just wants to share JOY with everyone she comes across.  I joked that I finally found her buried under a big pile of self-doubt, which is why I will be sharing how self love has played an important role in my wellness.  Every day I try to muffle my self-sabotager's voice and at the same time encourage my self-lover's whispers to be heard.   One day I hope to hear my self-lover belt out a beautiful Opera while my self -sabotager observes in silence.

Chemical Free Living

This topic is no breaking news to the world,  it's just a matter of how much effort you want to put into making it happen for the sick of your family's health.  Yes,  we are surrounded by harmful chemicals everywhere but you have the power to take small steps in improving the quality of your environment.   Let me show you simple ways on how I have made the transition easy and fun.

Where am I going?

So where do I go from here?  I am looking forward to sharing my wellness journey about using fat to fuel your body,  putting yourself first and foremost and replacing harmful chemical with plant-based natural products all in the name of wellness.

Thank you for your support

Are you ready?

 I AM.

 Let's Go. 

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