Friday, September 12, 2014

Heal me through my feet

I have been really flat footed since I remember how to walk. My mother often wonder why because neither her nor dad had fallen arches. As a child, I wore arch support, they were made of metal and I remember ones I broke them, they just snapped in two. I was also a chubby and not active child. The biggest reason was I seem to always be twisting my ankles. I thought that had something to do with my flat feet. It wasn't until I was an adult and started seeing a chiropractor that I found out I had very mobile joints  "hyper laxity" is the technical term. I always knew that I was pretty flexible but didn't release that my hyper mobility was also the reason why I get hurt so easily. My muscles needed to be extra strong to support these mobile joints. Better late than never, I began to slowly focus on strengthening my muscle through yoga and other toning exercises. I still wear orthortics

I caught up with an old friend who is now running her fitness studio in Toronto called Movement Revolution Restorative Exercise Studio and she encouraged me to try creating those long lost arches I once had through .  How does this all relate to healing the gut you ask?  I believe that proper body alignment can help the organs function better. I am not expecting overnight miracles but since the last year was the beginning on transforming my body with lifestyle change, why not look into the structure of my body. Along with the focus on the feet, I recently discovered the concept of earthing or grounding to help with decreasing inflammation in the body. It seem to be an airy fairy concept, but it really resonate with me so I am going to give a try. I have been trying to walk around on the grass with my bare feet and the day this photo was taken, my kids buried my feet in the sand for close to an hour and I really felt the difference in my energy after. I just wished I had learn about this during the heat of the summer.

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