Reiki Healing

Welcome to my Reiki Healing page 

I am so honoured you are drawn to me for healing.  I am a true believer that all meetings happens for a reason.

My name is Astrid and I live in the West Coast of Canada. 

Through my healing journey, I have tapped into different modalities to assist the thriving instincts of our  body. 

Reiki is one of them

I have been open to this wonderous energy,  Reiki ( Usui Shiki Ryoho ) since 2003 and gained Master level in 2019

I have applied this energy healing on people of all ages, in personal, distant, and also on pets, but currently only distant healing is available.

I also work with crystals and high vibrational essential oils when the session calls for it. 

My deliveries may help replenish your energy centres, bring more calm to you, so your mind, body and spirit can find better balance. 

Be still and open to receive the greater good of Joy and Love the Universe has reserved for you.

Your session may provide

  • Calm and relaxing
  • Unblocking energy
  • Emotional Release
  • Comfort 
  • Intuitive messages
  • Clarity
  • Grounding 

Notes will be provided with after session follow up 


60 mins Distant Reiki Healing with guidance card pull

$100 USD

Got questions? Let's start with a complimentary 15 mins exploration call. 

Please contact me at  

with subject line: reiki healing to schedule your booking

I look forward to assisting in your healing journey. 

With gratitude 


Reiki Ideal 

Just for today, I will live an attitude of gratitude 

Disclaimer: My services maybe considered as emotional support only. I do not prescribe or diagnose any medical health concerns.